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Pyin-Oo-Lwin, the most beautiful summer resort and enjoyable hill-station, is lied between 96 to 97 East Longitude and 22 North Latitude. Geographically, it is located on the western part of Shan Plateau and set on a vast plain enclosed by deciduous forest around. Under the atmosphere of temperate, weather and bloom of horticultural flowers all around the year, it is best known for enrichment of biodiversities, beautiful mansions and other buildings in terraced pattern, assuming a European style and fantastic world.

After dry-zone in Patheingyi Township the up-hill journey starts and the scenery and natural environs gradually change. After half an hour driving, the mid-way camp of view-point and 21 miles camp will be arrived. To enjoy the panoramic view of Mandalay palace enclosed by water-moat, the golden spires and white-washed stupa, sky-scrappers the crest Ayerwaddy river and grand Inn-wa bridge, then the green Sagaing hill, it is the best point.

Purcell Clock-tower

Among the clock-tower in Myanmar, the oldest one is that of Purcell Clock-Tower in Pyin-Oo-Lwin, next to Zaycho Clock tower at Mandalay. The clock-tower is the land-mark of Pyin-Oo-Lwin and one of the major attractions for the visitors. The large dial-face is set at the cardinal point each about 65-70 feet elevation.


Market is a community and information centre Food-stuffs and items could be purchased at the new market. But, the regional products just-like the woolen sweater, jam and preserve, fruits and flowers, country-wines and tea-leaf are the commonest souvenirs for the visitors.

Pwe-kauk water-fall

Pwe-kauk or B.E water-fall is the oldest one and the closet fall from Pyin-Oo-Lwin. The nature was such a beautiful scenery and the environs were so tranquil in imaginative phenomenon covered with beautiful wild-flowers, cultivated plantations and gardens in fantastic beauty.

Wetwun or Peikchinmuaung waterfall and Cave

Though, This area is beautifully composed of many caves with amazing stalactites and stalagmites, Now, the great cave of Mahanandamu is located just at the entrance of Peik chinmyaung, the long cave is filled with so many Buddha images and pagodas in various sizes and position at every corner,(about 300)

The noticeable fact of the cave is that the crystal clear water inside the cave ,cold in summer, warm in winter to cure the skin-diseases, eye ailments. There are a reasonable number of colonial buildings in their former structure and beauty, eg. Governor's House, Summer House, Flag House, Guest House etc. Thiri-Myaing called Canda-Craing, in the form of Victorian architecture. Nan-Myaing hotel, Gandamarmyaing hotel, Hindu Temple, Mosque Chinese Temple.

Maha Ahnt-htoo-kanthar Sutaungpyae Buddha

This Buddha image is the newest one but the most famous and venerable image. The Grand Buddha of white marble resides one a bejeweled throne in the grand-temple, located on the hillock.

Country Wine

Pyin-Oo-Lwin was a recreational resort of Europe, especially Britain and American, even known as 'little England of the East' in those days. damson wine is mainly produced in American technology. For Pyin-Oo-Lwin, damson wine is differently produced in two types: pure damson wine or mild one and damson port wine or the strong one.




It is one of the cities in northern Shan State and for tea-leaves production. On the way to Thibaw, the famous "Goke hteik viaduct" will be enjoyed just beyond Kyaukme and before Thibaw. Regarding on its impressive structure, it is highly regarded as the prettiest bridge in Myanmar comparable to Wesminster bridge over Thame river of Englang. Bawgyu pagoda is the commonest visiting point of the city and plantations are also enjoyable.

Most of the cities are now becoming cycling activities and base-camps for trekking to ethnic village, especially Pa-Laung villages on the slopes nearby. Inn-lay lake, kalaw and Pindaya and their environs are the best places for trekking and ethnic studies.

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